Welcome to Latgale!

The Latgale region is home to more than two thousand lakes. It is a region of beautiful nature and special people, who carefully preserve their cultural heritage and traditions.

There is no doubt that travelling in our region you will rest well. You’ll enjoy the original local scenery, the fresh air, and the pleasure of communicating with hospitable people while visiting many interesting places and experiencing fascinating cultural events.

Latgale occupies almost one quarter of the land area of Latvia and is home to roughly a third of Latvia’s population.

Latgale is rightly called the Land of Blue Lakes. The largest lake in Latvia is in Latgale: Lake Lubanas (82.1 sq. km.) as is the deepest lake Dridzis (max. depth 63 m), which is also the deepest lake in the Baltic States. The city of Rezekne, also known as “The Heart of Latgale” is located on seven hills near Latvia’s second largest lake, Razna. Lake Ežezers is a unique nature reserve with 36 islands. Lake Certok is famous as its water frequently changes colour. Legends have evolved that attempt to explain why this is so.

Latgale welcomes tourists to picturesque scenery: a varied mosaic of landscapes with numerous lakes, forests and hills, and interesting geological formations: large rocks (the largest rock in Latvia is Nīcgale (130 cubic meters)), gullies and cliffs. Latgale is characterized by white churches overlooking pine forests and is also home to several manor houses and castles. The shrine of the world famous catholic Aglonas basilica is visited annually by thousands of pilgrims from near and far.

Put on your backpack and enjoy a leisurely walk, or take a bike or motor tour. Or simply rest and relax. Whatever you do, we believe you’ll enjoy nature in Latgale.